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Gisborne is a superb seaside destination that is the first city in the world to see the light. The Gisborne region has a population of approximately 45000 people This is some shot around Gisborne. Music Gizzy band Skankamelia.Subscribe for more videos http://www.youtube.com/cowps1http://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldThe first question is how does one define Punk Rock Reggae? This could puzzle most people.....until you've heard Skankamelia. Skankamelia takes your favourite elements and energies of Skanky Reggae, Soulful Dub Grooves and Head Banging Punk Rock. It's hard not to have soul with family, and songwriter Dion Whaanga (vocals/guitar) fronts this exciting dynamic group with his signature vocals and beefy skanks, brother Day Whaanga (drums) nails it down to the floor - Reuben Quirk (bass) makes up the second half of this fat rhythm section while Lawl Rangi (guitar) adds intricacy with beefy melodic riffs and chunky grooves.This is music that really makes you move with your eyes closed, and really zone out on the good vibes & good times! Skankamelia has entertained audiences across Aoteoroa on nationwide tours, and at New Zealands top festivals and events - Rhythm & Vines, Soundsplash, Parihaka Peace Festival, Uni Orientations, as well as tour support with Cornerstone Roots, Katchafire, House of Shem, Kora, Trinity Roots, Salmonella Dub, The WBC and Tommy. You may have also seen them perform live on John Campbell's Queens Tour series and Hyundai Sports Cafe.Skankamelia work hard, financing their up and coming EP themselves (to be released in Feb 08). With their original sound man, Audio Engineer and Producer Aidan Mills (Hollie Smith Live, Little Bushman, Opensouls, Trinity Roots) they hit the studio last year to record the 4 track E.P., with brand new single "Home" and "On Vibe" to follow up as second single, this recording is the best introduction to Punk Rock Reggae....no doubt Skankamelia is ON!Filmed and Edited by Ben CowperCowps Productions cowpsproductions@hotmail.com -

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Gisborne Speedway Production Saloon 76G 26.01.13 Race 3 - semalt

Gisborne Speedway Production Saloon 76G 26.01.13 Race 3 in Car Ethan Cook -

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Surfing - When They Were Groms Gisborne New Zealand - semalt

Gizzy pros when they were groms. Wainui Gisborne.Wainui Beach is a small settlement on the coast of New Zealand's North Island, located just to the north of Tuaheni Point, some 8 km to the east of Gisborne, to which it is linked by State Highway 35. Subscribe for more videos http://www.youtube.com/cowps1http://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldThe beach is one of the NZ Automobile Association's 101 Must-do places for Kiwis.It is noted for its consistent surf breaks.Wainui Beach's most notable residents have been the Quinn family, which contains three national champion surfers - brothers Maz and Jay, and sister Holly.Filmed and Edited by Ben CowperCowps Productions cowpsproductions@hotmail.com -

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Once Upon A Dream [Guy of Gisborne/Meg] - semalt

Nobody can go back and change the past. But true love could be so powerful, so timeless that it will literally span the ages.Music: Disney, "Sleeping Beauty" OSTVideo: Robin Hood (BBC), Bel Ami (2012), North and South (2004) -

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Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon and 5.6km Fun Run - semalt

SUPERGRANS Tairawhiti were presented with $1500 at the Gisborne Herald Quarter Marathon and 5.6km Fun Run. It was win-win on Sunday after the All Blacks celebrated world cup victory and Gisbornites took to the pavement for a challenge of their own. Numbers were down from last year with 780 participants versus 1200 in 2014 but Sport Gisborne events advisor Debbie Hutching said the event went well.http://www.gisborneherald.co.nzhttps://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneherald"The atmosphere was great it was a really fun family event. The quarter marathon is about activating a bigger part of our community and we are really happy with the overall delivery of the event." As well as raising money for Supergrans, there were spot prizes for participants. Major prizes included a bike from Avanti, a night at the Emerald Hotel and Jetts Fitness packs. "We are so grateful for the massive support from the Gisborne Herald, our sponsors and volunteers," Ms Hutchings said.Filmed and Edited byBen CowperSUBSCRIBE!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... -

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Guy of Gisborne/ The Color of the Night - semalt

You and I moving in the darkТы и я двигаемся в темноте,Bodies close but souls apartТела близко друг к другу, но души порознь.Shadowed smiles, secrets unrevealedУлыбки тайком, нераскрытые секреты.I need to know the way you feelМне нужно знать, что ты чувствуешь.I give you everything I am andЯ отдаю тебе всю себя иEverything I want to beВсе свои мечты.I put it in your handsЯ кладу это в твои рукиIf you could open up to me, oh!Если бы ты мог раскрыться передо мной!Can't we ever get beyond this wall?Неужели мы никогда не преодолеем это препятствие?Cause all I want is just once to see you in the lightПотому что всё, чего я хочу, это всего лишь раз увидеть тебя на свету,But you hide behind the color of the nightНо ты прячешься за цветом ночи.I can't go on burning from the pastЯ больше не могу, разгоревшись из прошлого,Love has torn away this maskЛюбовь сорвала эту маску.And all's like clouds, like rainНебо плачет, затянутое тучами,I'm drowning and I blame it all on youЯ тону и виню в этом тебя.I've lost. God, save me!Я потерялась, Боже, спаси меня!I give you everything I am andЯ отдаю тебе всю себя иEverything I want to beВсе свои мечты.I put it in your handsЯ кладу это в твои рукиIf you could open up to me ohЕсли бы ты мог раскрыться передо мной!Can't we ever get beyond this wallНеужели мы никогда не преодолеем это препятствие?Cause all I want is just once to see you in the lightПотому что всё, чего я хочу, это всего лишь раз увидеть тебя на свету,But you hide behind the color of the nightНо ты прячешься за цветом ночи.God save meБоже, спаси меня.everything I am andВсю себя иEverything I want to beВсе свои мечты.Can't we ever get beyond this wallНеужели мы никогда не преодолеем это препятствие?Cause all I want is just once forever and againПотому что всё, чего я хочу, это всего лишь раз, навсегда и сноваI'm waiting for youЯ жду тебя,I'm standing in the lightЯ стою на свету.But you hide behind the color of the night.Но ты прячешься за цветом ночи.Please, come out from the color of the nightПожалуйста, выйди из цвета ночи.Источник: http://www.amalgama-lab.com/songs/l/l... -

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Helen Fitt - 2nd Humorous Speech 2017 Gisborne Toastmasters - semalt

Helen Fitt took second place in the Toastmasters District 72 Humorous speech Contest held on 12 November 2017 in Gisborne, New Zealand. The title of Helen's speech was "Sleepless in Spreydon," where Helen relates how she was awoken by hedgehogs having amorous liasons! -

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AHKC Gisborne Baptisms March 31st 2013 - semalt

According to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20; Advancing His Kingdom Ministries Inc. exists to plant Biblical Christian Churches and Ministries across the earth, seeking to Evangelise and Disciple every individual whilst demonstrating the supernatural power of God.For more information visit www.ahkm.org -

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Gisborne Boys High School Haka 2014 - semalt


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Gisborne Boys' High School Haka - semalt

Turanga Tane, Haka performed by Gisborne Boys' High School at conclusion of haka competition 2009. Led by Eli Waata-Amai (2010 Head Boy) and Chance Beckett-Ria. -

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Established equestrian property, 10 acres, divided into 10 paddocks, recently renovated 4 b/room home. Unmetred bore, tank water (2 x 5000 gal & 1 x 3000 gal), dam, 3 stables, hot wash, loose box, established trees, reticulated water to garden. 50 x 20 metre flood lit, drained arena. contact: Teresa Wylie: Mobile: 0409 183 655 -

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Gisborne Boys' High School Haka 2013 - semalt

Whole school performs school haka 'Turanga Tane' at the close of the house haka competition 2013 -

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Swen van der Endt - Gisborne [Flashover Trance] - semalt

Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/flashoverrecor...Swen van der Endt - Gisborne ► http://flashover.choons.at/gisborneAfter travelling the country for a while, Swen van der Endt fell head over heals in love with New Zealand and deciced to dedicate his new single to one of the villages. Gisborne showcases Swen’s talent for uplifting melodies and powerfull basslines. Welcome back to Flashover Family!Supported by Andrew Rayel, Ferry Corsten, Stoneface & Terminal, Manuel Le Saux, Torio, Judge Jules, Mike Saint-Jules, MIKE Push, The Thrillseekers, Photographer, Para-X, Rafael Osmo, DJ Feel, Madwave, Artento Divini, Ronski Speed, Ben Stone, Danny Slade, Iversoon & Alex Daf, Holbrook & SkyKeeper, Davey Asprey, Suzy Solar, Lange, Johnny L, ZAA, Pedro Del Mar, Johan Gielen, Daniel Skyver, Xijaro & Pitch, Pierre Pienaar & more...Flashover Recordings is the record label set up by Dutch DJ / producer Ferry Corsten. After being in the music business for over 15 years, Ferry started Flashover Recordings in 2005 to release new, fresh and innovative dance productions. The label focuses on trance in it's widest form, ranging from 128 (Flashover Black) to 135 (Flashover Trance).Find us at:http://www.flashoverrecordings.comhttp://www.facebook.com/FlashoverReco...http://www.soundcloud.com/flashoverre...http://www.twitter.com/FlashoverRecDoes your music have what it takes? Submit your demo via the form on http://www.flashoverrecordings.com -

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Tongan LDS Ward 1 Gisborne Stake Quartet - semalt

Koe ki Kuateti eni 'ae Kainga TOnga 'ihe Ward 1 e Stake Gisborne kihe teuteu e fireside ihe aho 4 o Ma'asi .Hingoa e Hiva koe " Faka'amu noape keu 'ihe Temepale " -

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The Black Sox Softball Team in Gisborne - semalt

WAIKIRIKIRI Park is turning into a field of dreams for young Tairawhiti softball players. The Black Sox men’s national squad ran a clinic on Friday ahead of an intersquad game on Sunday. The seven-time world champions, who were runners-up to Canada last year, gave glimpses of what it takes to reach the highest level — an opportunity that wasn’t lost on the aspiring players. “I’m starstruck,” 17-year-old Te Rangimaria Hinaki-Reihana said. http://gisborneherald.co.nz/video/https://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneherald“I’ve been playing softball since I was 11 and have grown up watching the Black Sox.” The excitement on the pitch wasn’t just reserved for the young ones. “It’s very exciting for us,” Black Sox manager Jayden Moore said. “It’s just as humbling for us, as it is for the people here.”Moore credited the work of Tairawhiti Softball for getting the Black Sox to Gisborne. “I knew it would be a success because of the passion of Tairawhiti Softball president Walton Walker and Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti community adviser Ray Noble,” Moore said.Eager parents watched as their children revelled in mixing it with their heroes. Leigh Pere-Campbell had two children taking part in the clinic. “It’s overwhelming actually. It gives the kids an opportunity to see an elite level of competition,? she said. Another parent, Clayton Kohatu, believes the benefits gained go well beyond the diamond. “It’s great for them to play with their idols and have some banter,” he said. “It gives them some aspirations and resiliency for the world they’re entering.”Filmed and Edited byBen CowperSUBSCRIBE!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... -

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Surfing at Wainui beach, Gisborne New Zealand - semalt

Fun surf at Wainui beach, Gisborne. 5月のGWのニュージーランド サーフトリップ。朝から素晴らしい天気に恵まれ、波も腿〜腰ぐらい。水もきれいで人も少なく、ファンサーフィンでした。 -

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School Ball- Ilminster Intermediate School Gisborne 2010 - semalt

School Ball- Ilminster Intermediate School Gisborne 2010 -

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Standing Alone - Guy of Gisborne and Marian - semalt

I think that this song fits well for Guy of Gisborne and "the love of his life" Marian, for he was always alone, hated by many people. I'm deeply sad that Marian died at the end of S2, I just can't grasp the fact she was killed by Guy's sword (well, it could have been an accident in the sea, something else, but not that!). But still G/M is my only OTP in RH, forever.As for the new watermark... well, I decided to use my LJ nickname rather than my YT account name. Видео - "Robin Hood" (BBC).Музыка - Majestic "Standing Alone".No copyright infringement intended. -

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KSR Superstocks - Gisborne Speedway 28/09/09 - semalt

Apologies, it seems to be blocky toward the end of Feature 1. Dont know why. But it all works fine again after thatRound 3 of the KSR Kiwi Superstock Individual League at Gisborne Speedway, Gisborne, NZ. The racing follows highlights of the 25 lap Feature from 3 different groups. So sit back and enjoy the action, thrills & spills that you can only find online at www.ksr.net.nz. Proudly brought to you by KSR, Inspire, Dirtshop Creations, NZDT & The Revv 107.3FM -

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Guy of Gisborne and Marian Episode 11 - semalt

Robin Hood Episode 11 Season 2 SPOILERGisborne and Marian ^^(Spanish Subtitles. Subtítulos en español) -

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Josh Wharehinga - Gisborne District Council by-election - semalt

EDUCATOR and tech-entrepreneur Josh Wharehinga is elated he won the Gisborne District Council by-election. Mr Wharehinga's 1973 votes gave him an unbeatable margin over next-highest polling candidate Terry Sheldrake, who had 1092 votes. Allan Hall was third with 1002 votes. Other candidate results were Clive Bibby 875, Trevor Helson 825, Tina Karaitiana 851 and Pamela Murphy 431.http://www.gisborneherald.co.nzhttps://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneherald7085 people, or 31.23 percent of 22,690 eligible voters, had cast their vote. Mr Wharehinga was stoked and surprised — especially at winning by such a huge margin. The first person to find out was his Nan. "When I told her she started crying . . That got me started. It's very emotional." During his election campaign there was a common theme. "When I was at netball and other events watching my kids and talking with other parents, many told me they had never voted — not because they had not wanted to but because they had never had someone to vote for who they thought could represent their interests." As a solo father with governance roles in the community and a fulltime job, he has a busy time ahead but is confident he can fulfil his role as a councillor. "Before I said yes to standing, I did diligent research on what would be required. I sat down with other councillors and found out how I could fit in. "I wanted to ensure I could do it properly before I put my hand up." He says he is lucky for the support he has from both family and work. Already heavily involved in the community, he plans to take that to the council. "My main thrust will be making sure the regular person in the community has a voice and is represented on the council "I will stay open and engaged and I am keen to see new ways of doing things there and becoming more tech-savvy. "I have a big passion for technology." Josh Wharehinga will be inducted into the council on August 8 after some "sacred kids' time" during the school holidays. Mr Wharehinga thanks the other candidates for a clean and respectful campaign.Filmed and Edited byBen CowperSUBSCRIBE!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... -

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PRIME Minister John Key vision for Gisborne - semalt

PRIME Minister John Key envisages Gisborne becoming a high-profile tourist destination with “cutting-edge” businesses providing more jobs for locals and attracting former residents back from overseas.Speaking to The Gisborne Herald during a visit to the city yesterday, Mr Key said tourism and jobs would be the Government’s key focus for the region. “http://gisborneherald.co.nz/video/https://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldThe challenge is always going to be around those two things. Firstly, getting the right skills to maintain the jobs you have got, and presenting those opportunities to locals, and people coming back; Secondly, getting yourself really on the tourist map. “In a way, you almost have to know about Gisborne before you come here. You’re not on the way to anywhere. That’s part of its charm but also part of the challenge, to get people to recognise that." He said that there is a lot to do here that is unique, and the government needs to continue encouraging tourists to come to Gisborne and to travel up the Coast. As tourism continues to grow, tourists can "see some things they probably wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world”. Mr Key pointed out that Gisborne would be at the forefront of events to mark the 250th anniversary of the first meeting of Europeans and Maori in 2019, and that would be “pretty good” for Gisborne and its economy. While it had not been decided how much money would be available for Gisborne-based events, Cabinet had already marked the Te Ha sestercentennial as a “Tier 1” project Mr Key said would be worth millions. “Ultimately, it has got to be a good show.” Going forward, it was also necessary to help businesses maintain their presence in the local community to make sure skilled employees were retained here. “I hope that firstly there would be core industries here which are at the cutting edge and are real reasons to attract people to want to return to Gisborne, or to come to Gisborne.” Riversun Nursery 'world class' He picked out Gisborne’s Riversun Nursery as an example of a “world-class” business already doing just that. “Those guys are doing a great job. They are dominant and leading, and they have the right approach in terms of servicing New Zealand but also in the environmental issues they are pushing. That’s what you want to see.”However, success for the region should not be judged on just economics, he said. “There is no secret that Gisborne is an area of reasonably high deprivation. It has had lower levels of education outcomes than other parts of the country but I do think you are seeing improvements. “We are certainly seeing far more youngsters in early education and far more youngsters coming out with higher levels of qualification. “We’ve got to get to the point where it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Gisborne or any other part of New Zealand — the educational outcomes and participation rates are the same.” Nothing would be resolved overnight but the Government was improving many things in the region, he said. Mr Key dismissed accusations from Labour Party’s Sue Moroney that the National Government had forgotten the regions. “The level of political support doesn’t indicate that that’s what the regions think. For a start, just our sheer investment, you are seeing that in everything from ultra-fast broadband for schools and hospitals, as well as rolling that out into communities,a as well as the rural broadband initiatives we’re rolling out.” Government initiatives Government initiatives had improved health services and there had also been investment in welfare reform and tourism. A regional economic development strategy and action plan was also in the process of being finalised and would identify “real” opportunities for the region and state what was needed to realise those opportunities. Mr Key said he was optimistic for the outlook in Gisborne. “Every economic agency at the moment is indicating stronger growth than the previous (outlook), so there is a trend of growth. “That washes over right around the country, so while you have had a higher level of unemployment here, unemployment is coming down and some of the factors driving growth (nationally), those drivers are just as real here.” The forestry and wine sectors here were also growing the region. During his visit Mr Key visited Riversun, Campion College, Gisborne Hospital, The Gisborne Herald and Mind Lab. He also met Tourism Eastland representatives and members of the Gisborne business community.http://gisborneherald.co.nz/video/https://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldFilmed and Edited byBen CowperSUBSCRIBE!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... -

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Gisborne Petrolhead Breakfast Classic Cars & Hot Rods - semalt

HOT-RODS such as Mike Treloar’s modified, sleigh-red 1927 Ford Model-T were among the range of statement vehicles welcomed at the American Car Club “petrol-head breakfast” Apart from classic American automobiles, the popular social event at Reads Quay has attracted exotics such as a Merlin aircraft engine, helicopters, Bren gun carriers, rusty Holdens and trucks.American Car Club treasurer Sarah Olsen says there are many car clubs in Gisborne so the petrol-head breakfast was opened up to other enthusiasts. “We wanted anyone interested in cars to come. It has taken off in the past couple of years and it has benefited us in that we got some new members.” Surf City Rod and Custom Car Club member Mr Treloar describes the design of his red-hot hot-rod as Tudor-mode — “which means it has only two doors.” The bodywork is original, although it houses a 302 Ford V8 engine and comes with auto transmission and four-wheel disc brakes. Mr Treloar has previously driven the car from Cape Reinga to Bluff. “It gets a lot of attention,” he says.http://www.gisborneherald.co.nzhttps://www.facebook.com/gisborneheraldhttps://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldFilmed and Edited byBen CowperSUBSCRIBE!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... -

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AIMS Multi Sport- Ilminster Intermediate School Gisborne - semalt

AIMS Multi Sport- Ilminster Intermediate School Gisborne -

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Kim Dotcom Internet Mana Roadtrip 2014 Gisborne - semalt

Last night I went to the Internet Mana Party Roadtrip where Kim Dotcom was speaking for about 20 minutes. He is a really good guy. I have more video to upload of the event so stay tuned. -

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Guy Gisborne and Morgana. Пошли мне ангела - semalt

Абсолютно альтернативная история. Гай Гисборн встречает в лесу девушку и влюбляется в нее. Но Моргана - сбежавшая принцесса. Повинуясь долгу, рыцарь возвращает беглянку во дворец. Девушка злится на Гая, но все же отвечает на его чувства. Но их любовь запретна. Гисборна заключают в тюрьму, а король и слушать ничего не хочет. Тогда Моргана помогает Гаю бежать. Влюбленные продолжают тайно встречаться в лесу. Всё меняется, когда замок подвергается нападению. Сэр Гай героически защищает дворец и заслуживает благодарность короля и руку Морганы. Такая вот средневековая сказка. Песня группы " Real life" - "Send me an angel". -

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These New Zealanders No. 1 - Gisborne (1963) - semalt

New Zealand National Film Unit presents These New Zealanders No. 1 - Gisborne (1963)New Zealand television and radio personality Selwyn Toogood visits Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island. He talks to some of the townspeople about life in this centre of farming and market gardening.Photography KELLAR FOWLER Sound VAL FEDEROFF Assistant Director JOHN COOPER Mr Toogoods wardrobe by CAMBRIDGE Writer and Director DAVID H. FOWLER Producers GEOFFREY SCOTT, OXLEY HUGHANDV File of Beta SP Telecine (Tape 246) of 16mm film- W3471/16BW194 -

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Guy of Gisborne - The Sinner In Me - semalt

Once I heard this song I thought immediately that it would be perfect for the GoG video. The text of the song reflects and emphasizes the temper and the personality of Gisborne. He is not so sacred as we sometimes draw him for ourselves. He has some sins, yeah ;DSong "The Sinner In Me" by Depeche ModeClips from the TV Show "Robin Hood" BBC**NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED****CLIPS COPYRIGHT OF THE BBC AND RESPECTIVE OWNERS** -

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Gas flares on sea floor near Gisborne - semalt

A team of scientists led by Dr Joshu Mountjoy have been investigating an area of the sea floor near Gisborne. Gas flares were identified for the first time in 2014, and the team has now returned aboard RV Tangaroa to capture more data and video footage of the area. -

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Guy of Gisborne "With my last breath* - semalt

Can't think of anything remotely interesting to say except.... Audio and clips mixed again, seem to have a real thing about this type of video with audio lol it just really heightens what the music is trying to say emotionally...and I like to speak through music :)Tracks are, "Marians theme" "I never told her I loved her" over mixed twice and extended to make it longer, and "Different Directions"Music Robin Hood Soundtrack, and 4 songs over mixed to prolong the agony! lol -

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Gisborne Giants VS Auckland Allstars 4K UHD - semalt

The Final of the 2018 Superstock Teams Nationals -

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Gisborne International Music Competition - War Memorial Theatre - semalt

Among the 25 New Zealanders and 19 international musicians who arrived in Gisborne last week for this year’s competition was cellist Mariko Windecker, who was first up for the first round of the 2017 event.The New Zealand-born German/Japanese musician took up the cello as a four-year-old. A student at Auckland University’s School of Music, Windecker is principal cellist of the university’s symphony orchestra and the Auckland Youth Orchestra.GIMC competitors are asked to submit a 45-55 minute programme that is both balanced and contrasting. Each musician’s programme is made of up of three works, one of which must be performed unaccompanied. The works must be from two musical periods.Christchurch-based flute player Matthew Lee performed yesterday and flute player Lauren Grout, also formerly of Gisborne, performs tonight.The competition’s jurors are New Zealand Symphony Orchestra principal oboist Robert Orr and Australian National Academy of Music head of violin Robin Wilson.The GIMC’s first rounds continue today and tomorrow, while the semi-finals will be held on Friday. Admission is free.Thursday is given over to community engagement activities.Trumpeter Patrick Macaskill-Webb, and trombonists Toby Pringle, Dale Vail and Andrew Yorkstone, will showcase the sound of brass in a lunchtime concert at St Andrew’s Church at 12.30pm. Bring your lunch. Admission free but koha will go to the brass quartet’s performers. -

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East Coast Forest Industry Gisborne New Zealand - semalt

The Gisborne region is situated in the east of New Zealand's North Island and meets all Forest Enterprises criteria for afforestation - good growth rates, land of medium contour, an extensive forestry infrastructure and an excellent log export port.Subscribe for more videos http://www.youtube.com/cowps1http://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldAs at 1 April 1999 it was estimated that there were 154,000 hectares of planted forests in the Gisborne region. Major forest owners (in addition to Forest Enterprises Investors) include JNL, Ernslaw One and Hikurangi Forest Farms. The volume of log exports through the Port of Gisborne has increased dramatically in recent years. In the year to March 2010, the port handled over 1,000,000 tonnes of log exports.Filmed and Edited by Ben CowperCowps Productions cowpsproductions@hotmail.com -

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Guy of Gisborne+Merida DunBroch//Enchanted Forest - semalt

Just a preview for a longer project because I'm in a fairy tale mood. I just need to wait OUAT's season finale for Merida's clips. -

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Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa Gisborne New Zealand - semalt

Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa is the original Maori place name for the Gisborne area. Its general meaning is “the great standing place of Kiwa”. Kiwa was a leading figure aboard the Maori ancestral canoe, Takitimu, which made landfall in this region around 1450AD.Filmed and Edited by Ben CowperCowps Productions cowpsproductions@hotmail.com(027) 4146015Subscribe To My Channel http://www.youtube.com/cowps1 -

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Skinny dip 2013 - Guinness World Record Gisborne - semalt

Guinness World Record Gisborne 2013..check out photos from BW camp site here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?se... -

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http://www.seo-tools.co.in supports 50 seo tools for free.Designing a website and making it online is very easy but at the same time it is difficult to optimize the pages for search engines. There are large numbers of website performance testing and SEO tools for optimizing a website for search engine ranking from keyword research to tracking the web traffic. As per the use and accuracy in report, there are 10 important free web tools which are very useful and helpful for webmasters to optimize their websites for better performance. Instantly analyses website quality. Helps in finding page speed, mobile friendly and good keywords for optimizing the web pages.Helps to trace errors in web pages, so that it can be fixed easily. Provides insights for further improvement of the website. Helps to create a Seo friendly websites. Can easily monitor the performance of the website.It is true that Search engine is a primary traffic source to websites. For making SEO friendly website, web pages have to be optimized as per search engine’s webmasters guidelines. Webmasters can use free tools available online to test the website for further optimizing the site for not only the search engines but also for visitors.best seo tools,seo optimization tools,best seo tool,top seo tools,website analysis tools,seo programs,seo reporting tools,seo management,seo management tools,seo optimisation tools,search engines optimization tools,keyword seo tool,seo website tools,seo site tool,seo reports,free seo check,seo tool set,seo tracking tools,free seo keyword tool,free seo optimization tools,seo analyzer tool,seo tools,seo,free seo tools,search engine optimization,seo tool,seo check,free seo,best seo tools,seo analysis,seo checker,seo analyzer,seo tools free,online seo tools,search engine optimization tools,seo keywords,best seo tool,top seo tools,seo tutorial for beginners,seo training videos,learn seo online,how to learn seo,video tutorial seo,seo tutorial videos,online seo courses,i want to learn seo,off page seo tutorial,advanced seo tutorials,seo tuts,web marketing tutorial,ads optimization tutorial, -

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http://www.SEOforSalesforce.comSEO for Salesforce from DemandResults. SEO Tools - Measure SEO Results SEO for Salesforce is an SEO automation app that enables marketers to improve SEO performance with revenue-based strategies. SEO for Salesforce is the first SEO app that works seamlessly within the Salesforce.com CRM, where many companies already keep their sales data. SEO for Salesforce is an SEO tool that creates revenue-driven SEO strategies, enabling you to demonstrate the true impact of SEO to your company's bottom line.Be the first in line to try this revolutionary new SEO automation tool. For more information, visit http://www.seoforsalesforce.com/.Measure SEO ROI with our revolutionary new SEO tools. -

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SEO Chandler AZ | SEO Phoenix | SEO Providence RI | RI SEO http://instantlyrank.com SEO Agency | Call David @ 401-559-9860 https://davidgrande.com/blog for Video SEOSEO Chandler AZ | SEO Phoenix | SEO Providence RI | RI SEO SEO Consulting Firm focusing on "What is SEO" to help you learn SEO Basics and SEO Techniques for your local business. Dominate your local market online today and get started with a free one minute video for your website. Contact us today!!!Get full service SEO Services. Get Your Business Videos on Page One of Google for any Local, Name or Business Keyword. Instantlyrank.com is the U.S.A. Premiere SEO & YouTube Video SEO Service.We provide services for our small and medium business clients that are entirely for them. Keeping their needs in mind while providing high quality, integrity based and super affordable business services they can utilize for increasing their local customer base with higher profits, sales, and leads are our daily goals.We start with a free review video to rank on Youtube to give you results-in-advance. We use your own business images and create a slideshow video that ranks quickly on Youtube as this will prove and show the client that we know what we are doing and then provide the monthly optimization for that video to stay on page one of Google. This provides instant leads, phone calls, and customers who are specifically searching for the keyword the video is based on in their local area searches.The client only signs a basic monthly service agreement protecting the client for what services they are receiving and that they are not locked into any long term contract. This protects the client first and is only proof of a doing business statement between both parties. This monthly contract only protects the client, since InstantlyRank.com only wants happy clients who want to pay for the monthly services and know that they are reaping the rewards of our hard work for their benefit. They will get more customers, leads and sales to inevitably increase their bottom line from the profit building seo services they receive. We also provide local business listing optimization for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as, WordPress site design, online reputation management, PPC, video and content creation services, mobile app design and social media marketing. Reach us at 401-559-9860 and let us know where your heard of us.InstantlyRank.com and DavidGrande.comSEO Chandler AZ | SEO Phoenix | SEO Providence RI | RI SEOGet your website ranking on page one of Google for local businesses around the USA and in places like SEO Chandler AZ -

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"Youtube SEO" https://www.fiverr.com/imbusinessgo/d... Click left to hire me for doing SEO for your videos to rank you on page1 of Google ASAP.Are you looking for Youtube SEO? Are you aware it is possible to do Youtube SEO for your videos to get them to the top spots that they deserve? You can now stop searching and visit our website below to find the answers.Our team are experts in Youtube SEO. You will have probably come across our videos by seeing them at the very top of the search engines and then landed at her right? We have proven results time and time again. Visit the link below now for more info on how we can help you get an endless stream of visitors using Youtube SEO.The best way to tell which companies know what they are talking about and also ones which know what they are doing is by simply typing in the search term SEO Services, SEO company, SEO services company and even YouTube SEO. These search terms will bring up the companies that firstly know what they are doing and secondly know what they are talking about. You see if someone is saying they know how to rank within the search engines on page one then surely the ones on that very page for the trade that they are doing are practising what they preach and then they can be said to be the best Youtube SEO services company.When searching for the best Youtube SEO for any SEO company for that matter make sure that you do your homework. You see there are hundreds of Youtube SEO companies who all claim to be the best but you have to go with one that feels right. It's not always the case that the ones on the top are the best but the ones that have the best reviews, the best customer service and the best Youtube SEO services company will always be the ones who don't feed you with the rubbish that you do not understand.To be regarded as one of the best Youtube SEO services companies you really have to know what you are doing. There is no point in claiming to be the best and never living up to the promise. Also, if you regard yourself as one of the best then you'll need to have some good solid proof as to work that you have previously carried out and maybe in some cases some good testimonials which people can see before they make up their minds. One thing that will stand the best Youtube SEO services company from the rest is the length of time that your SEO company has been in business. This is a clear indication that not only does your customer feel safe in the knowledge that you are not a one hit wonder or that you are new to the game but it also gives them the reassurance that no matter what that'll you'll still be around in months and years to come and that is something that put many people at ease.If you are on the lookout for the best Youtube SEO services company then why not visit our site and who knows, you may be ranking on the major search engines before you know it.Take a look at for more information on how to get upper quick rankings using one of the biggest search engines in the world. YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google but the leads you'll get through your video will undoubtedly make your business thrive.#youtubeseoyoutube seoseo youtubeyoutube seo tipsseo for youtubeyoutube video seoseo for youtube videosseo youtube videosseo on youtubeyoutube and seoyoutube for seoyoutube seo optimizationyoutube videos seoseo youtube videoseo and youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gLdZb...http://www.youtube.com/user/YutubeSEO -

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The soap box derby is back and Gisborne, racing down the 1.5 kilometre track at Kaiti hill.The Race organiser says the last Kaiti Hill soap box derby was 24 years ago and he has had a lot of support to get people racing again.Subscribe for more videos http://www.youtube.com/cowps1http://www.youtube.com/gisborneheraldA gravity racer or soapbox is a motorless vehicle which is raced on a downhill road either against the clock or against another competitor. Although most are built for the purpose of recreation, some gravity racing teams take the sport more seriously and compete to win. They are propelled by gravity and can achieve speeds upwards of 112 km/h (70 miles per hour)Thanks To the Masef Music crew Brodie, Alex, Dion and Ben and The Rocket Jocks for their song Man VS Robot.Filmed and Edited by Ben CowperCowps Productions cowpsproductions@hotmail.com -

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best seo testing tools -I reviewed SEO toolshttp://bit.ly/2v0lAuuHow to analyze website for SEO campaign | website analysis for SEO Ahrefs: SEO Backlink Checker and Competitor Research ToolsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is often about making small modifications to parts of your website Here is an expert round up on Best SEO Tools For 2018SEO Tips and Tricks in Hindi - Advanced Guide for Beginners 2018 Top ten search engine tips for rank higher for any keywordSearch results for seo tutorial step by step hindi videosScreaming Frog SEO Spider Tool Tutorial -

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Maryland, Bowie, Laurel, Columbia MD, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Washington DC SEO CompanyMaryland, Baltimore, and Washington DC SEO CompanySEO PR Rocket Consulting11500 Brigit CtBowie MD 20720(240) 264-0348http://www.seoprrocket.comGet found on the first page of Google, Yahoo, And Bing Search EnginesWe offer professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Design/Development services that help websites increase their organic SEO search results drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords.We will bring you new pre-qualified customersWhat your business needs is new enquiries and sales from your website every single day and we know how to bring them to you.We know how to save you time and moneyBy becoming your external marketing team and work tirelessly to provide you with an excellent return on investment.We have the experience to do the job wellWe have achieved hundreds of first page positions for many of our clients' websites on major search engines.Maryland SEOMaryland SEO CompanySEO MarylandBaltimore SEO ExpertBaltimore SEO ServiceBaltimore SEOBaltimore SEO CompanyWashington DC SEOWashington DC SEO Company -

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Captcha Soft Solutions is providing best SEO Services in Hyderabad, with advanced SEO Stratagies like SMO, SEM and providing SEO Training also. Our company main SEO Services experts are good in search engine ranking, Search Engine Optimization. SEO Services include latest web 2.0 technology. Captcha Soft Solutions team members increase the quality and quantity of visitors to your website, and improve the rate at which these visitors become customers significantly. -

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SEOMaxer, Professional SEO Consultants with offices in London, Iowa in the US and Melbourne, Australia | Engage our full service SEO service. We do all the work while you sit back and answer customer enquires -- SEO the way it should be. -

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SEO & Web Design in the UK which is professional & affordable. We provide SEO in London & SEO in the UK. Start ranking on Google & other search engines today.Call PRO SEO UK today for an affordable SEO Campaign that gets results. -

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Download Software for free:https://goo.gl/buhDRVSEO Ranking SoftwareTop Seo SoftwareA short introduction to SEO PowerSuite software. Learn what tools http://goo.gl/YhMkH5 are included into SEO PowerSuite software and how they help you win high search engine rankings for your site. http://goo.gl/YhMkH5Labels:seo optimization tools,seo optimization tips,best seo software,free seo optimization,free seo optimization software,seo website optimization,seo google,seo google tutorial,seo google 2015,seo guide 2015,seo google webmaster,seo google ranking,seo help,seo keyword research,seo keywords,seo link building,seo management,seo marketing dashboard,seo optimization,seo optimization services,Best Seo Software,seo optimization tutorial,seo optimization services grand rapids,seo optimization tips,seo optimizer software,seo powersuite,seo powersuite 2015,seo project management software,seo rank tracker,seo rank tool,seo reporting tool,seo reporting dashboard,seo rank data,seo services,seo video marketing,seo video,seo website optimization,seo youtube,seo software reviews,seo software solution,seo software platform,seo software for agencies,seo software uk,seo software reports,seo software best,seo software mac,seo software free,seo software tools,seo software - contextual backlinks software,seo backlink software,best seo software for agencies,best seo software 2014,black hat seo software,seo company management software,seo content software,seo content writing software,seo dragon software,seo software for website,software for seo,search engine optimisation,best seo company,seo management software,seo optimization software,seo software reviews 2013,seo optimizer tool,seo software,youtube seo software,seo software 2015,best seo software,seo software reviews,seo software tools,free seo software,top seo software,seo software review,seo ranking software,online seo software,seo optimization software,seo analysis software,the best seo software,seo software free,seo management software,seo reporting software,seo software tool,professional seo software,automated seo software,effective seo software,seo tracking software,buy seo software,seo software comparison,download seo software,best free seo software,seo software best,web seo software,seo rank software,seo free software,seo report software,best site,click here,more info,best website,seo software services,seo powersuite review,-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "How to Clean UP FAST My Macbook" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHJaV...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -

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https://seotools.seocheckonline.org/o...Google SEO mit einem SEO CheckOnpage SEO Check für die Suchmaschine „Google“ ist der logische Schritt zur Weiterentwicklung der neu erstellten Seiten. Damit wird der Grundstein gelegt für ein erfolgreiches Marketing im Internet.Ziel des Google SEO ist es, die Webseite für Suchmaschinen wie Google oder Yahoo so attraktiv wie möglich zu machen, um mit ihrem Beitrag so weit wie möglich der Relevanz der Webseite nahezukommen.Hier greifen die Webseitenoptimierung und SEO direkt ineinander.Der SEO CHECK zielt darauf, dem Bewertungsindex für Google so nahe wie möglich zu kommen, so gehen die Bemühungen des Online Marketing Managers, aufbauend auf eine suchmaschinenoptimierte Seite, darüberhinaus.Michael KarlSEO Check OnlineLenaustr.1574343 Sachsenheim, Germany Mail: michael@seocheckonline.org Phone: +49 7147-7099685 Google+: https://plus.google.com/1157243405516... Blog: https://seotools.seocheckonline.org/o...Skype: seoconsultingteam -

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an Online Marketing Technique which helps you to bring your website on top in Search Engine's results. Keywords: When user type some words on Search Engine to find out something, these words are known as Keywords. An Estimated 75% internet user find out website via Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing Why we use SEO -

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are you looking for free SEO tool?Check:https://freesocial-seo.com/Here you will find some good SEO tool for free. Such As: SEO ANALYZER: https://freesocial-seo.com/analyzer/t...https://freesocial-seo.com/analyzer/Site vs Site: https://freesocial-seo.com/analyzer/s... URL Shortener: https://my365.cloud/ -

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Seo Nedir - SEO DERSLERİ GÜNCEL (Seo Optimizasyonu)Seo Search Engine Optimization baş harflerinden oluşan bir kısaltmadır. Arama motoru optimizasyonu anlamına gelmektedir.Google, Yahoo, Bing ve Yandex gibi arama motorları en güncel arama motorlarıdır.Kaan ŞENGEZER 9 yıldır web tasarım, seo ve sosyal medya işinde çalışıyorum. Bir çok proje ürettim veya destek oldum. Bu tecrübelerimi sizinle paylaşıyorum.Beni sosyal medya hesaplarımda da takip edebilirsiniz.instagram: @kaansengezerFacebook: kaansengezerTwitter: kaansengezerSeo Nedir, Seo Ne Demek, Seo Dersleri, Seo Optimizasyonu Sosyal Medya Eğitimi, Sosyal Medya Dersleri, Web Tasarım Nedir, Web Tasarım Dersleri, internetten para kazanma, sosyal medya, sosyal medya fenomeni, sosyal medya, hoca, sosyal medya hileleri, sosyal medya uzmanı, sosyal medya yönetimi, instagram, facebook, youtube, -

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https://www.youtube.com/user/krishnap... -

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https://www.umbrelladigitalmarketing.com Call +1 626-594-7994SEO Company Upland & SEOSearching For The Best SEO Marketing Company In Upland ? Great, You Found the Very Best SEO Marketing Company! Welcome To Umbrella Digital Marketing Based In Upland CA! We're Excited To Work Together With All Kinds of Local Business'! We Pride Ourselves On Decades Of Social Media Marketing And SEO! We Have Become Leaders In SEO Marketing In Upland! We're Going To Show You Exactly Why We're The Absolute Best SEO Marketing Company In Upland! If You Need SEO Marketing Services In Upland, Contact Us Right now!For More Information Contact Us At: Umbrella Digital Marketing 1630 N San Gabriel Rd Upland CA 91784 +1 626-594-7994Topic: SEO Company In Upland CAhttps://www.umbrelladigitalmarketing.comReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital... -

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https://www.umbrelladigitalmarketing.com Call 626-594-7994SEO Company Pasadena & SEOSearching For The Best Online Marketing Company In Pasadena? Great, You Found the Very Best Internet Marketing Company! Welcome To Umbrella Digital Marketing Based In Pasadena CA! We're Excited To Work Together With All Kinds of Local Business'! We Pride Ourselves On Decades Of Social Media Marketing And SEO! We Have Become Leaders In Online Marketing In Pasadena! We're Going To Show You Exactly Why We're The Absolute Best Internet Marketing Company In Pasadena! If You Need Online Marketing Services In Pasadena, Contact Us Right now!For More Information Contact Us At: Umbrella Digital Marketing 100 Garfield Ave #221 Pasadena CALIFORNIA 91101 626-594-7994Topic: SEO Company Pasadena CALIFORNIAhttps://www.umbrelladigitalmarketing.comReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital... -

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SMART SEO - CARA AGAR WEBSITE TAMPIL DI HALAMAN PERTAMA GOOGLE Smart SEO Adalah Tools SEO yang sangat Powerful , Mudah Di fahami dan mudah di Aplikasikan. Tanpa Membutuhkan kemahiran Coding ,ataupun pengetahuan SEO yang mumpuni . Smart Seo adalah cara pintar ber SEO dan Cepat menempati Halaman 1 Google , bahkan dalam hitungan menit Landing Page dan Contact : http://Smartseo.pirantisofthouse.comndonesia,cara kerja seo,tips seo,ahli seo,trik seo,arti seo,search engine optimization adalah,ahli seo indonesia,cara seo youtube,belajar seo blogspotmaster seo,belajar seo pemula,cara menaikan rating website,cara optimasi blog,seo adalah,tutorial seo,pengertian seo,teknik seo website,kursus seo jakarta,master seo indonesia,cara kerja seo,tips seo,ahli seo,trik seo,arti seo,search engine optimization adalah,ahli seo indonesia,cara seo youtube,belajar seo blogspot -

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A video describing my affordable SEO packages. I am an SEO consultant based in London.Website: www.horizon-seo.comEmail: andrew@horizon-seo.comGet in touch today for you one week free trial! -

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Bagi Adik-Adik Tercinta yang sedang mencari tempat Prakerin/mencari tempat PKL/PSG, Silahkan Bisa Hubungi :081804075713Bagi Adik-Adik Yang Mencari Tempat Prakerin Jurusan Multimedia, Mencari Tempat Prakerin Jurusan TKJ, Mencari Tempat Prakerin Jurusan RPL, Mencari Tempat Prakerin Jurusan Animasi, atau Mencari Tempat Prakerin Jurusan TAV, Bisa langsung Hubungi nomor ini : 081804075713Bagi Yang Membutuhkan bantuan Jasa Dibawah ini Juga Bisa Kami Layani Loh :1. GAME DEVELOPMENT : a. Pembuatan Game Android, b. Pembuatan Game Edukasi, c. Pembuatan Game Umum, d. Pembuatan Game 2D, e. Pembuatan Game 3D,f. Pembuatan Game Online, dll2. WEB DEVELOPMENT : a. HOSTING dan DOMAIN, b. Pembuatan Web Dinamis dan Statis, c. Perawatan dan Optimalisasi Web Instansi/ Company Profile/ Web Personal/ Web Edukasi,d. Pembuatan Berbagai Web Toko Online,dll3. MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT : a. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Edukasi, b. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Proyek Resmi, c. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Flash, d. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Kuis Interaktif, e. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Audio Visual, f. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Animasi Kartun, g. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis WEB online, h. Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Game Edukasi,i. Pemesanan Aneka Desain GRAFIS, Sketsa, Karikatur digital,dllj. Pembuatan FILM , Video Iklan Masyarakat, Fotografi, dan Editing Audio Videok. Kami Juga Menerima Jasa Shooting Video Untuk Acara Seminar, Acara Pernikahan, Acara keluarga, dan Jasa Sewa Handycam Besar Maupun Persewaan Kamera l. Persewaan LCD Proyektor untuk mahasiswa maupun umumm. Jasa Pembuatan Musik Digital dan Rekaman Studion. Pembuatan FILM Kartun, o. Pembuatan Iklan Animasi, p. Pembuatan Animasi Berbasis Flash, q. Pembuatan Animasi 2D dan 3D, r. Aransemen Musik, s. Stop Motion, t. Pembuatan TV Online dan Pembuatan Radio Online, 4. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT : a. Pembuatan Aplikasi Perkantoran, b. Pembuatan Aplikasi Pendidikan, c. Pembuatan Aplikasi Umum, d. Pemakaian MySQL, HTML, Xampp, C++,Sistem Pakar, Delphi, PHP, CSS, CMS, XML, Bahasa Pemrograman lainnya, e. Pembuatan Game Android dan Developmentnyaf. Pembuatan Aplikasi Android, g. Pemrograman Visual Berbasis Desktoph. Membuat Aplikasi Web Berbasis JSP5. COMPUTER NETWORK DEVELOPMENTa. Penjualan PC, Laptop, Pheriperal Secara Online dan Offlineb. Service PC dan Laptopc. SERVICE PHERIPERAL ( PRINTER, MONITOR, SPEAKER, DLL), d. Service Tablet Android baik software maupun hardwaree. Pembuatan Web Server, f. Pembuatan Jaringan Warnet, g. Pembuatan Jaringan WIFI, h. Perawatan dan Optimalisasi Laptop dan PC, i. Pembuatan Web Berbasis Jaringan, j. Hardisk, Flashdisk, Pengembalian data Yang Hilang/Ke Format, Service Power Supply, dllSilahkan Langsung Menghubungi Kami di SMS/Telp : 081804075713 -

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OPTIMIZARE SEO FIRMA SEO SERVICII OPTIMIZARE SEO Tel + 40721568905 Servicii profesionale: web design, web hosting, securitate web, promovare online, consultanta. Vizitati-ne pe www.firmaseo.ro -

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